Residential and Commercial Garage Door Services

Professional Garage Doors Services in Sacramento

Your garage is one of your most important rooms and it is not even inside the house!

Your garage is the place you store and protect your cars but for many people, it is much more.

Many people use their garage for multiple purposes; it is the place where they keep their cars to prevent them from being stolen, broken into or vandalized. Some people even do work on their cars in their home garages and others use their garage as a workshop or a storage space.

Whatever your garage is used for you can’t argue that it is one of the most important rooms in most homes.

Prima Garage Doors has made it its mission to ensure that all garages in Sacramento are safe and that your property is always secure.

As a leading garage doors services provider, Prima Garage doors works around the clock so that if you encounter any problems with your garage door we will immediately send a technician who will quickly find and solve your problem to your residence!

Why Choose Prima Garage Doors?

There are plenty of benefits of using Prima Garage Doors services. As a leading Sacramento garage doors services company we offer:

  • 24/7 service
  • Quick service times
  • Professional service provided by highly trained and experienced garage door technicians
  • Full range of garage door services
  • Free quote
  • Safety and security

Our Services

Prima Garage Doors is a well-established company in Sacramento that provides a wide range of services. Our services include installation, maintenance and repair of residential and commercial garage doors (such as roll-ups, storefront, and gates) and more.

Prima Garage Doors provides prompt, professional garage door services to homeowners as well as businesses in Sacramento.

It is always of the utmost importance to ensure that your garage door is working properly and any faults that might occur should be seen to right away by a professional garage door technician. Garage doors are considered the heaviest moving object in any home and therefore one of the most dangerous if they are not operating properly.

Prima Garage Doors has a team of highly trained technicians who are able to provide troubleshooting and repair services for all types of garage doors. We also provide locksmith services for garage doors and can help you with the task of selecting and installing a new garage door or a garage door opener system.

If your garage door is not working smoothly it could be due to a number of different reasons, such as, broken rollers, broken tracks, or broken springs which need to be replaced immediately. We also replace damaged garage door panels and service and replace garage door openers. Leave your door in our capable hands!

Talk To Us

We, at Prima Garage Doors, are always happy to hear from you.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about any of the services we provide. if you would like to receive a free price quote or if you need our assistance.