Residential and Commercial Garage Door Services

Garage Doors Maintenance and Repair Services

What’s the most important entrance to your home? Is it a window? Is it even the front door? It’s actually probably the garage. Your garage not only allows you entry into your home but it also provides a place to put your car, to store things, and to protect your home from intruders, animals, and the elements. So if the garage door is broken and in need of repair, don’t let it be neglected. With Prima Garage Doors Sacramento garage door repair will be a breeze. We’ll take the responsibility off your shoulders and make your garage door just like new. Not only will that make it easier for you to live from day to day with a working garage door, but it’ll keep your home protected from housebreakers.

Sacramento Garage Door Replacement

Your garage is the first thing that people see when they get to your house. That is because the door is the largest entrance to your home and as such, is a focal point. Therefore, if it’s not giving your home the appearance you’re looking for – if it’s not measuring up to what you want your home to be – then you should consider garage door replacement! Additionally, if the garage door is broken beyond repair, you’ll want to get it replaced. Garage door replacement in Sacramento doesn’t have to be an overly expensive procedure. Through Prima Garage Doors, you’ll receive high quality products and labor for competitive rates. We offer steel doors, wood doors, wood composite doors, etc. with plenty of varieties in style to please the tastes and needs of our customers.

Professional Security Services across Sacramento

As professional locksmiths, the certified technicians we work with have been serving the area for long enough to know what people expect and what they deserve. Our business policies are always about the needs of the customer. Our competitive rates include honest pricing so you don’t find yourself stuck with a hidden fee. We also pledge to be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the moment you call to set up an appointment, you can expect to be visited within 30 minutes by one of our technicians for your garage door repair. Professional service is something we desire to give at every opportunity. We are here for you if you ever find yourself in need of garage door repair or garage door replacement in Sacramento.