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Best Lock Brand to Buy

Most Reliable Lock Brands

There are several lock brands available in the market these days and all of them are created with one purpose; to secure the property and protect it from thefts. However, regardless whether they share the same purpose, some of the locks are outstanding. Crafted with perfection in order to serve their locking mechanism very well, they ensure that they cannot be easily manipulated by burglars. The advancement of technology and the innovative thinking of manufacturers have lead to the creation of Abloy Protec/Abloy Protec2, BiLock NG and EVVA MCS. These three top lock brands have differences but they are superior to the rest of the brands available nowadays

Abloy Protec/Abloy Protec2

This high security lock is manufactured in Finland and features an extraordinary rotating disk system. It is bump proof and pick resistant, which means that picking attacks will not be successful if tried. It has also large key spaces with 2 billion or more possible keys and is considered to be the most respected security lock in the world. Generally, all the Abloy locks are keyed with similar set of keys that is why the manufacturer made some refinements in their locking system. They have added drill resistance, extended patent to 2031 and harder to duplicate keys.

BiLock NG

This is a high security lock brand manufactured in Australia that has unique QCC system or Quick Change Core system. It features a U-shaped key that uses a sidebar system and pin which is pick resistant and bump proof. The Quick Change Core system is applicable to all the BiLock locks and enables instant removal of lock core using a control key to easily insert the new one. Generally, all the locks of BiLock can utilize similar keys and interchange its QC cores. The good thing about it is the extensive retrofitting as well as compatibility features that allows it to be used in existing locking systems.


EVVA is an Austrian based manufacturer of high security locks in the world. It produces Magnetic Key System or the MCS product line that features un-duplicable key as well as extremely secure cylinder having mechanical slider and advanced magnetic security system. The locks are all bump proof and pick resistant. They are also assembled in the factory, which makes it great for security and control of keys.


If you are to choose among these top three brands, you will certainly have a hard time. However, to ensure that you get the best, purchase the lock brand that suits well your needs and the value of your property.