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Secure Your Garage Door

Follow this 6 points list in order to increase your home security.

  1. Lock the door

    This seems like a no-brainer, but most homeowners tend to forget this one quite easily before leaving the house. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you because no matter how high-tech the security system you have in your garage, it’s all going to be useless if you don’t remember the most basic tip of all—locking your door. It could be as simple as clicking a button on a remote or turning the actual key in the keyhole. All the same, don’t ever forget to do it.

  2. Don’t forget the key!

    Whether it’s an old-fashioned key or remote, make sure to bring it with you. If you have an automatic garage, it helps get you inside your house more safely and more conveniently, without having to go through your front door (if you’re driving your car). Most homeowners think that leaving the key under the doormat is the easiest way not to misplace their keys, but it also guarantees that robbers will be able to go in and out a house scot-free and without alerting the neighbours.

  3. Keep a light on or add a light if there isn’t one already

    If you’re going to be away from your house for days on end, it’s best to leave a light on, or better yet get a time-activated lighting system so you save on electricity. It makes outsiders think there’s someone in the house if there isn’t, so it deters wannabe robbers from trying their luck on your house.

  4. Make sure that all windows are blocked or locked

    If your garage has windows, consider blocking them as having a window in a garage is—you have to admit—really more for aesthetic purposes than actual utility. You primarily use a garage for parking your car and stowing your toolboxes, so you might want to seriously consider this tip. On the alternative, if you don’t want to completely block your windows so natural light still comes in during the day, just make sure to always lock them.

  5. Don’t forget to activate your security system before leaving the house, or add one if you don’t have it already

    A security system like an alarm that sounds in case of a breach or alerts you through your smartphone when someone tries to break in is one of the more expensive, yet admittedly cost-effective, ways of ensuring that your garage stays secure at all times even when there’s no one around the house to check up on it. If you already have an automatic garage, this idea must have probably crossed your mind a few times already. Installing a security system is a wise investment to make, and you can’t really take chances even though you think you live in a secure-enough neighbourhood.

  6. Think of adding CCTVs for extra protection

    Lastly, consider having security cameras installed not only inside your house and around the perimeter, but inside your garage as well. This could be a nice touch if you’re thinking of having a security system installed, as there are actually security systems that use CCTV to trigger an alarm or notify your smartphone such as when a CCTV detects movement.