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7 Tips by a Locksmith on Backyard Safety

Most parents consider their own backyard a safe place for their children to play. But backyards tend to be overlooked when it comes to safety. Here are seven tips to help you eliminate dangers and to turn your backyard into the safest place for your children to play.

1. Do A Safety Inspection

Do a thorough check of your backyard. Make sure that any lawn sprinklers are visible. Get rid of any broken garden furniture that the kids may play on.
Check your garden for bee or wasp hives or potentially dangerous insects or animals. Make sure you recognize every type of plant in the yard and if you don’t ask an expert. Check that there are no buckets of standing water in your backyard, these are a drowning hazard for small children.

2. Tidy Up After Yourself

If you’ve been working in the yard make sure that you pick up everything that could be dangerous. Never leave ladders, paint, gardening tool or lawnmowers in the backyard. Kids love to make forts and clubhouses, so if you have a garden shed make certain that it is locked at all times. Also, make sure that any fires in fire pits or grills have been put out completely.

3. Communicate With Your Kids

Explain to your children, in the most age appropriate way, that playing in the backyard can be dangerous. Make some backyard safety rules in order to eliminate these dangers and teach them to your kids. Make sure they know that they are not to leave the yard at any time, they should not climb trees, go near the pool or any other dangerous place in the yard. Teach children which areas they are not allowed to play in. Young children always need adult supervision, even if the rules have been explained to them. Never leave young children alone outdoors.

4. It’s Not All Fun And Games

Most families want to make the most of the summer and enjoy the warm weather in their own backyards to make things more fun they will install playground sets, trampolines and swimming pools, all potential dangers. Make sure to supervise children while they use them, and that they are safely installed. Children can drown easily, so do not leave portable pools out when not in use.

5. Sun care

Don’t let children play outside for too long without drinking and without sunscreen. It’s best to keep them indoors when the sun is at its hottest, to prevent sunburn and dehydration.

6. Stranger Danger

Children are taught about stranger danger, but it’s important that they know that this applies in their own backyards too.

7. Safety Features

Installing a fence around the backyard is a good way to keep your child in and to keep dangers out. Make sure you have a secure gate that can be locked. Installing surveillance cameras on the exterior of your house will deter any unwanted strangers.
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