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A Dog or A Lock?

Crime is going up everywhere and many homeowners are now looking for the best way to keep their houses secure. To make the best decision regarding which type of home security system they should get these homeowners are educating themselves, learning about the different systems on the market and how they fit their homes and their needs. The latest home security dilemma that I’ve been hearing about is whether a dog can do the job of a security system.

Actually, this is quite a good question. To help these homeowners with their dilemma, I have made a list of the pros and cons of having a dog instead of a home security system.

It Takes A Certain Type Of Dog

You can’t give just any dog the job of protecting your home. Not all dogs have the same temperament. If you already have a dog, a family pet, you can’t expect her to start protecting your home, I’m assuming that if this were an option you wouldn’t be exploring home security systems. So, now you’re going to have to get a new dog.

Which Dogs Make The Best Guard Dogs?

A bunch of different breeds could make good guard dogs, suffice to say that big and loud dogs would probably do a good job of scaring burglars off. Whatever dog you decide on has to be trained to be a guard dog, which means that it might be dangerous around family members and invited guests.

Is Getting A Dog Cheaper Than Getting A Lock?

This is a very general question, which can’t be answered without all the information. How much did the dog cost, how much were your initial costs (vet, license, etc.), how much does it cost to feed the dog, and how much does its health care cost? The same goes for the question of the cost of a security system. You can find a system to match any budget, all in all security systems are quite affordable.

Around The Clock Security

You can’t expect your guard dog to protect your home 24/7. Dogs need exercise, they need to be walked a couple of times a day. They also need sleep. These are hours that your home is left unprotected. And, don’t forget that when you go away on vacation you can’t leave the dog at home alone. While, a security system works whether you’re at home or not, and never has to sleep.

Who Will Call The Police?

When an alarm detects motion it will call the homeowners. If they don’t answer it will contact the police. Your dog will bark to alert you of intruders, but if you’re not home what good is that?

Video Evidence

Today most homes have video surveillance. Cameras are set up in different areas inside and outside of the home which record when they detect motion. This important security feature is very reasonable, but unfortunately your four-legged-friend can’t help with this.

Just from these few points we can see that a home security system is more practical than a dog when it comes to guarding your home.