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How to Maintain a Garage Door?

If you are the proud owner of a house that includes a garage, it probably means that you have a garage door that you need to attend to every once in a while. Garage door maintenance can be easily overlooked, oftentimes leading to unpleasant results such as lost time, missed appointments, or sometimes even more precarious or dire situations.

Here’s Golden Tip #1 for you (look out for more golden tips throughout this post): Try keeping to a twice-a-year inspection routine. This will go a long way in saving you trouble and unexpected expenses. A garage door that has been neglected for a long while will likely suffer from a bunch of unnecessary issues, that one hour of work, twice a year, could prevent.

If these issues pile up and are not properly attended to, they can leave you with a very expensive repair bill that you didn’t have to pay if you kept the garage door’s maintenance routine, to begin with. In order to help you keep your garage door fully functional and to have it operate at its best performance, here are some tips and pointers for maintaining your garage door.

Make Sure the Tracks Are Clear

Without further ado, here’s Golden Tip #2: Make sure the tracks are clear. It sounds obvious, but the most basic thing to do when you work on your garage door’s maintenance is to inspect the tracks on both sides of the door in order to make sure that they are free of debris and rust. The next order of business is checking that the tracks are aligned on their vertical sections, with the help of a level. If small adjustments are required, you can do it by yourself, but if the track needs some major work done, it should be done by a professional technician.

Check for Loose Hardware

If your garage door is being used on a daily basis, then it moves up and down hundreds of times each year. The motions and vibrations that are caused by the movement can loosen up some of the hardware. Golden Tip #3: Check for loose hardware. Start from checking the brackets which are holding the door tracks and the garage door opening unit to the framing. In case you notice any unscrewed or loose bolts, use a socket wrench to tighten them back up to the position.

Keep the Moving Parts Well Lubricated

Golden Tip #4: Keep the moving parts lubricated. The rollers of the garage door and all other moving parts, need to be kept well lubricated at all times. Lubrication will reduce the stress levels on the rollers and door opener, thus prolonging their lives. It is recommended to apply some spray lubricant twice a year, while you perform your garage door’s maintenance check. Spray the lubricant on the hinges and rollers, and then wipe the parts dry.

In case you notice stuck hinges or rollers, try to soak them with kerosene. Apply it using a small brush, and work it into the cracks. Also, remove any rust with steel wool, and then apply lubricant. For anything more complicated than that, you should contact a professional.

Golden Tip #5: Watch the Garage Door in Action and Listen Closely

As part of your garage door’s twice-a-year maintenance routine, let it work and watch it for a few times. You’ll be able to notice how your garage door moves once you are focused on it. Whenever there are problems with the garage door and its automatic opener, you will notice erratic movements and/or grating and scraping sounds.


If you followed this guide and still facing a garage door malfunction, don’t hesitate and please contact us for a quick and reliable service.