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10 Tips to Secure Your Home

Residential Security Tips by Prima Locksmith

Securing our home is a main concern for all of us. Even if we live in an area which is less prone to burglary we cannot allow ourselves to take chances so far as our home security is concerned, there is simply too much at stake. We have gathered for you ten tips which will help you keep your home safe from burglars.

Here are the 10 Tips:

  • Efficient, high quality locks will not only make it hard for intruders to get in but may deter them from trying altogether as thieves recognize a good lock and know it will take them a long time to pick it or force it open.
  • Closing everything up when you leave your home, even for a short time, will help keep out burglars of the kind who jump on an opportunity when they see one.
  • A good home security system will alert you at a very early stage of an unlawful entry attempt. Much like high quality locks, a good home security system (many such systems nowadays include CCTV) will deter would be burglars from trying since they will see the sensors and cameras and realize what they are up against.
  • Avoid losing your keys or allowing people you can’t completely trust handle them (as they may use the chance they get to make duplicates).
  • Let as few people as possible know of plans you have for being absent from your home for several days (when taking a holiday trip for instance).
  • Lock up at night. Most homes burglaries occur after dark, even if you are in make sure to lockup everything before retiring to bed.
  • Dogs make excellent burglar deterrents. Even if they are not watch dogs or ones which may attack, their barking will alert you as well as scare off burglars. However, do not leave guarding the house all up to your canine friend as some burglars know how to handle dogs.
  • Leaving a light on at night as well as when no one is in may lead would be burglars to believe you are home and awake.
  • Leaving the television on may lead would be burglars to think there are people in the house and that they are awake and watching TV.
  • Setting up a neighborhood watch will make the area you live in much safer not only from burglars but also from acts of vandalism.