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Locksmith Sacramento specializes in all forms of residential and commercial security features, including safe repairs. Our talented professionals can install a floor safe or digital safe in your workplace or home to keep your valuables protected. We can be reached 24 hours a day for any emergency lockout problems as well. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or an avid gun collector, there is always a unique safe for you. Our responsibility is to install the safe and provide any needed repairs. We’ll give you a very good quote in advance.

 Safes are used to protect valuable items, such as passports, jewelry, important documents and cash. Electronic safes are the most preferred of all because of it’s easy-to-use digitized passwords. You don’t have to set the physical lock mechanism dial as you would normally do with an old model safe structure. This process is much more convenient and practical. Companies prefer the electronic safes for quick measures if something needs to be pulled out. Our experts will take the necessary measurements before drilling any holes.

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 We offer a wide variety of safe repair & installation services that includes; unlock safes, drop safes, floor safes, wall safes, fireproof cabinet safes, gun safes, file and media cabinets, vault combination changes, electronic safes and much more. Drop safes are used by hotels to keep track of important payslips and other documents. They can be installed underneath an office desk, which is the recommended place of storage. Price is calculated by the amount of labor and square feet. We’ll determine a very fair and affordable rate that you’ll like.

In addition to our safe repair services, we offer the best security systems around. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large legal firm or a small convenience store, you need to have the finest security products keeping you safe 24/7. Our friendly technicians will give you their perspective along with a few safety tips. We also offer fireproof safes, which keep your possessions from burning up in the event of a fire. We’re always here to assist!

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 Everything is done to perfection at Locksmith Sacramento! We are a dedicated group of locksmith specialists. Our philosophy is to keep our clients safe and happy. Our testimonials are direct proof of that. Don’t take any risks leaving valuables in the eyes of thieves. Call us for a free consultation and to learn more about our safe features.