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Extracting a Broken Key Video

Broken Ignition Key Extraction

At Prima Locksmith we are dedicated to providing Sacramento’s community with top class comprehensive solutions to all types of lock, key and security system related issues. One thing we are regularly called upon to help with is extracting broken ignition keys from ignition switches.
So far as extracting broken keys you should know that there are things you can try yourself before calling in experts to help. We’ve gathered for you some pointers, if you manage to pull the stub of the broken key by yourself you’ll save time and money.

If you have a pair handy, one thing you should try is to use a sturdy pair of tweezers in order to grab the stub of the key that’s stuck in your vehicles ignition switch and pull it out. Many times this simple method is enough, if this is the case you’ll be glad you tried it yourself instead of waiting for a professional locksmith tech to do it for you.

Another thing you can use to try and grab a broken ignition key’s stub that’s stuck in your vehicle’s ignition switch is a pair of nail clippers. This can work only if a bit of the stub is sticking out of the ignition switch, nail clippers may be something you happen to have with you and just may help you save the day.
If you have a pair of pliers try to make use of them too, especially if they are of the more delicate type.

If you have any kind of lubricant it’s a good idea to apply some to the ignition switch before attempting to extract the broken ignition key. A little bit of lubrication may be the difference between success and failure of key stub extraction attempts such as the ones mentioned above. The best kind of lubricant is one you can spray into the ignition switch (such as WD-40) but you can also use a few drops of any thin oil. Make sure you apply only a very small amount of lubricant since too much may cause damage to the ignition switch’s electronics and will also leave the area sticky and prone to collecting dirt.

If none of the above worked do not despair, a professional auto locksmith tech is sure to be able to extract the broken key and provide you with a duplicate one in its place.
With Prima Locksmith, you can be sure that the situation will be resolved fairly quickly even if you do not succeed in extracting the broken key yourself.